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"I said I was fine, didn't I?"

Even to herself, Toby sounded more petulant than authoritative, and she had to hold herself back from wincing. Just what was she trying to prove here anyway? The chickens had already flown the coop in terms of looking vulnerable, given the state the other girl had ran across her in.

Maybe it just let her feel like she had the tiniest measure of control over the situation. A false sensation, true, but better than furious helplessness at everything that was happening.

Ugh. Petty. Petty. She was better than that. She hoped that she was better than that.

Toby didn't lower her fists, but she did do her best to relax the scowl which she knew was on her face.

"Look. Sorry. Things are just..." she shrugged. "Goes without saying really doesn't it."

Not a question.
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