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Alice hung back.

Whenever there was a family gathering somewhere, or a birthday party, even if it was for a friend, Alice often found it difficult to speak up. Groups made things challenging for her; it felt like an intrusion when she tried to interject, and that meant she usually kept quiet. If she were home, she'd sketch or read or something until it was time to go, unless someone spoke to her first.

This wasn't home. There were no books, or at least, what were here were doubtless not her sort of books. Medical texts, perhaps. But she had no pencil or pen or paper or anything. So she occupied the time analyzing the others.

Scarlett she knew reasonably well. She was a chipper sort, a bit bubbly if anything. Raina was a smart girl, got better grades than Alice. Johnny seemed to think highly of her, which was perhaps a mixed blessing. But Johnny seemed optimistic, positive and friendly, though he did smoke. Not a great decision, generally. And Aiden, who Alice had probably never spoken to, who was clearly close with Johnny.

In short, Alice and Scarlett were the odd ones out, and even Scarlett seemed friendly with Aiden. Which left Alice. That was definitely worrisome. It meant she was expendable, or at least, less important to the group than the others. If someone had to die of this party, Alice would be first. She couldn't stay.

The thought surprised her. Hadn't she just been working towards confidence in other people? But it rang true. She couldn't stick with a set of people where she was on the bottom rung. that didn't sit well for her. Maybe it was foolish, or paranoid. But perhaps it was the safest means. And in this situation, safety did come first.

So she slid, slowly, back towards the stairs and the door, eyes on the others.
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