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((Henry Spencer continued from Plutonian Wharf))

Hadn't they meant to go somewhere?

Right, the buildings. The warehouse. Fishing line or something. Yeah. They were going fishing! Awesome.

His smile was strained by this point. At some stage he'd seen the interesting tidal pools along the waterline and scrambled recklessly down to the edge. Tidal pools were something he'd never seen in person before. There were little fish in between the huge rock slabs. Henry wanted to crouch by the edge to get a better view, but he knew better. Too cold for a swim.

He'd kept walking, aware that at some point he was no longer sure if Jasper or Arthur had followed him down here. To be serious-wait, no, that wasn't right. Serious wasn't a good state right now. Henry shook his head, his bangs brushing his nose. To be frank-wait, he wasn't Frank. What an odd saying. Anyway. He didn't really mind if they followed. He'd see them later on.

Oh, hey, there was that girl! The one with the hair, and the scar? Her! Henry spotted her in the distance. He was walking pretty fast, and she seemed to be less brisk in pace. He sped up to catch her, shouting to her all the while.

"Hi! Hey, hi, hello? I'm Henry! Hey!"
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