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She should have seen it coming. He always did that, give him the slightest opportunity and you'd have his face on yours in no time. Even with that knowledge, Jane was caught in surprise and uttered a brief gasp before she was completely silenced by his lips pressing against hers.

It was nothing new to her, of course, but she could always find some joy in it nonetheless, just with how different it felt each time. This time was no exception and for a brief moment, the warmth of his breath and skin and his everything against her made her forget time and all else around her and close her eyes to savor the sensation to the fullest.

This didn't last long though, as she was reminded just how goddamn badly she needed something to wet her dusty throat with. Her energy was almost completely depleted within the first few seconds, she was just too fucking tired for this now. Jane opted to push him away, but found it wasn't even necessary to do so, as he pulled back by himself. She stepped back a bit, her initial surprise not having completely faded yet.

Still, she gave him a smile in return, panting slightly. Fucking Cris, the heat was already bad enough, but this would just make her melt into the damn ground entirely. She really needed some water now.

Jane brushed away some loose strands of hair that had gotten ruffled and were now hanging into her face. "Hey, that was nice and all, but you need to-" She was cut off by him suggesting a break. Damn, the guy was actually thinking. Didn't even need to get all snarky with him, nice. "Why, aren't you a smart boy?" She gave him another teasing smirk, then nodded. "Yeah, definitely in favor of a break. I'm gonna fucking collapse and shrivel up like a mummy at this rate."
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