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I used to be a handler like you, then I turned into a horse.
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(Minor GM approved)

As Jane drew back from his cheek, Cris reached out to pull her into a proper kiss. He buried a hand in her hair and put an arm around her waist to hold her against him. The heat melted away as for a time the world was their lips moving together and their bodies pressing against each other. Cris forgot the sun and sand and the small trails of sweat from the hike, but he knew her body language enough by now to know when she wanted to break a kiss, so when he felt her starting to send those signals he slowly detached. He felt her breath on his skin as he pulled away, giving her a sly grin as if apologising for the surprise.

"Couldn't help myself."

Sure, he was like that with a lot of girls, but that didn't mean he didn't mean it. The separation reminded him of the heat, however, and he knew Monolith Gardens. No source of water to be found, little shade, which was why his pack had so much water in it. The weight of plastic and liquid wasn't any real burden to his strong shoulders, but it was still important, and after regarding her for a moment he slung it off with one hand.

"What do you think, hydration break? We've got a little shade."
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