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((Isabel Ramirez continued from The Calm Before The Storm))

Isabel drank the last few drops of water from one her water bottles, sighing in relief and wiping her mouth after she finished.

Isabel had just made it inside the dreary, unsettling asylum building after an hour of walking from the cliffs. Crossing the bridge had to be the most worrying part of that journey, given how open it was and how dangerous being easily spotted at a distance was. Still, she made it across in one piece and found shelter from the chilly winds inside the wards of the abandoned treatment center.

Isabel stalked the hallways of the therapy rooms, glancing in at each of the individual rooms where patients in the past talked about their delusions and insanity. Isabel stored her empty water bottle away in her bag and kept walking, before she froze after hearing the hacking cough of another student. Her eyes narrowed as she scanned the hallways, slowly removing her sock flail from her pocket. Isabel had upgraded it slightly while she was travelling, now it not only had the padlock she had been given in it, but a fairly sized rock.

Creeping slowly towards the source of the noise, Isabel was doing her best to keep her presence unknown. She didn't know who had coughed, but they easily could be one of those kids who snapped immediately and started killing on the first day. There were always a few of them, from what she knew of the previous games. Of course, if they weren't one of the crazies, what was she going to do then?

Isabel stopped her movements and pondered. What would she do? If she wanted to make it out of here alive, all of the competition would have to be dead. The logical course of action was to kill if the opportunity presented itself to her at no risk to herself and her well being.

Isabel shook her head and tapped her skull with her fist. Murder was wrong, she had been told that murder was wrong her whole life. Even if she hadn't felt much of anything when she hurt people with her words in the past, murder was on a whole new level. There was no way she could live with herself afterwards, she had always been told that people responsible for accidental deaths always felt guilty and never got over it, she could only imagine how much worse that would be for unprompted murder. She wasn't going to become a murderer for no reason.

Isabel began moving again towards the source of the noise, the coughing continued until it ended with the noise of shattering glass that was all too close. Isabel rounded the corner, ready for combat, only to come face to face with an old enemy. Florentina, of the infamous Luz family. Isabel almost wanted to jeer at her just from seeing her face. Florentina was an ugly, loser introvert with crappy taste in music that had so little control of herself that she actually let herself get addicted to nicotine. Very few people made Isabel feel as much contempt as Florentina. It made her even angrier to think about how Forentina never even cared about her insults.

Isabel tried her best to look friendly, her face contorted, obviously holding back a sneer. "Hey there... Tina."
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