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Jane raised one brow and crossed her arms, giving Cris a both skeptical and amused look. Damnit, that was actually pretty sweet. Again with the smooth-talking, got her almost every time. Not this time though, that was just too easy. He was probably used to bitches swarming him and swooning over every word he said. If he wanted some sugar from her right now, he'd have to work for it some more. "Nice try Mister, but I can bullshit myself." She kept her arms crossed, an affected pout on her lips.

Just then, she noticed someone on horseback passing along the trail. Her attention was immediately diverted from her 'boyfriend', with her now admiring the mount of the distant stranger. She liked horses, always had, something about their natural elegance and strength. This one was a real specimen, dark brown with spotted fur. Jane wondered what it would have been like to be on top of that horse right then, riding off into the distance, with Crisanto riding at her side.

She looked back at Cris. A weird thought came to her mind, comparing him to said horse. They were kinda similar in some ways, exotic, sort of elegant, powerful too - oh, especially the latter. She couldn't help but smirk at the thought. Wasn't even that farfetched, was it? Except maybe for the fact that he probably smelled better than that animal. Well, most of the time.

Huh, what was the guy doing? Seemed to be busy with the rock next to them, like he was - oh no, he didn't. Offering her flowers like that, just random ones plucked from right there, but still. That was verbena, right? Looked like it, had all that lovely color going. Fuck, it was so cliché, she'd have sneered at any script including something like that, but still, this was even sweeter than before. Oh what the hell, she'd take it, he got her.

Jane kept up her sulky expression for about another three seconds or so, then smiled and accepted them from Cris' hand. "Cheap move, bronco, real cheap. But good enough for me." She stepped closer to him, then put one hand on his shoulder and leaned in to plant a kiss on his cheek, her skin brushing against his stubble. She winced slightly, then pulled back and barely repressed a giggle.

"Unrelated, but you still got that water in your bag, right? Feel like I could use some."
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