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I used to be a handler like you, then I turned into a horse.
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Oh, good, Nadia showed up. As much as he'd decided not to give the young lovers a hard time over it, having given in to temptation a few times himself, the squeaking of upholstery and muffled sounds of passion a few metres away had been digging under his skin and scraping across his brain not unlike nails across the proverbial chalkboard. Had nobody in Kingman heard of there being a time and a place? At least Nadia's expression had the same hint of disgust at the lack of tact as he felt somewhere deep in his guts.

When she spoke, it was a moment before he answered. She'd looked good in the house but the way the moonlight reflected off her skin and the confidence in her walk transfixed him. He managed to make eye contact at least, even if in the dark of the night it was possible to see him blink.

"I don't think they'd care too much, but good idea." Roderick found himself hoping the lovers a few cars down would finish their business before any police got involved, as he hopped off the bonnet and opened up the passenger door for Nadia. He calculated his speed with the care of someone stepping into a sleeping bear's den, not moving so fast as to seem desperate or overeager while keeping up the pace enough to not be too languid.

"Make yourself comfortable, it's not too long a drive."
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