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Noah nodded in response to what the girls said. Away from the bridge and walking south sounded like ideas he found worth pursuing. He was at least glad both girls could get along with his idea. Anything could happen here, and he wanted some comfort in knowing there were those who were on the same page as him.

"Okay, let's start walking," he said.

Noah slung his bag over his shoulder and picked up the slinger. He opened the door and stepped into the hallway.

"I'll stay in front since I'm probably the most intimidating person here. And I'm not just talking about my looks, I'm talking about my good friend...uh..."

Noah looked down at the sawblade slinger. He realized that it was getting to be a mouthful to say "sawblade slinger," and "slinger" on its own sounded too silly after a while. He needed a name for it, for his own sake. More importantly, he wanted something kinda funny, because it'd be a shame if he didn't come up with something amazing for this tool. Fortunately, a pun and a person came to mind.

"...Sawlaska Thunderfuck 5000."

Yeah, that'll work.

"Yeah. Sawlaska and I will be the front line of defense. I got this."

With that, Noah walked down the hall and towards the exit of the staff dorms. This wasn't going to be the easiest time, but if he found two really good allies and if his weapon would be useful, then maybe things wouldn't be so bad.

((Noah Whitley continued in Why Y'all Gagging?))
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