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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Nadia heard another boy shouting, saying he was Brendan Harte. Great. Now she was in a place with one loud, unstable person and one other person she wasn't sure how to deal with. She finally crept out from where she was and into the main room of the cabin. She could see Brendan and the other guy: Jerry Fury. He was a fighter and a braggart, and now he was overselling his calmness. Brendan was a swimmer and someone she only knew from a few classes. They were senior class peers, no one she was close to, but no one she was on bad terms with.

Jerry was, however, holding a knife, and being crazy, loud, and flailing a knife around was a recipe for disaster. Nadia remained on the other side of the room, keeping the walkie talkie in sight. Jerry was also saying there was someone else around. Ben Fields. He said he was waiting for Ben, but wasn't around. Nadia bit her lip. Separating from your friends and disappearing in a game like this usually was because of one unpleasant reason, so Nadia had to wonder to herself if Ben was taken out and if someone else was already playing.

Not that she was going to suggest that to Jerry, not while he still had a knife in hand.

"Okay, you're not nervous, I believe you," Nadia said to Jerry, her tone slightly sarcastic, "but how about keeping it down? We don't know who else is lurking here."
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