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Sandy exhaled deeply as Maria echoed Audrey’s friendship babble at him. He shot her a rather rebuffing glare from behind his glasses as he swatted her hand away.

“My plan is to find a book to read and stop having to deal with people, alright?” he was getting terser by the word, his voice beginning to rise as his patience wore thin. “If your friends want to go ring the bell and draw everyone up there, then good for them, but I don’t give two shits about meeting up with other people.”

He folded his arms in a defensive posture, still holding the neck of the bottle, as he stared at Maria. If she was smart, or at least smarter than Audrey, she’d get the hint and just leave him alone, or even apologise for getting up in his face and preaching at him to stop being so damn antisocial.

Ok, so getting up in his face might’ve been overstating things, but why did everyone find it so hard to imagine that he didn’t want to be buddies with anyone, especially not with people he didn’t know at all? If he'd never bothered to make any real friends at school, then why should he not keep the ball rolling in their current state of affairs? It wasn't like making friends was even worth anything anymore anyway, given how screwed they all were.

“Now like I said, I just came here for a book, so leave me alone so I can go get one and then we can be done with this."
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