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Anyway, forget about getting shot for a second. Mel appreciated Cameron backing her up and even giving her a reason for doing what she'd done mostly on a whim, but having to think about every mundane action in the light of whether it would put her in physical danger or not was, again, what the terrorists wanted. Even if she'd tried to bury most of her knee-jerk rebellion under getting Cameron to a more stable state, she wasn't going to just roll over and let them win that easy.

Moving carefully more for Cameron's sake than in actual caution, Mel made her way towards the voice, around the corner to almost immediately come face to face with two others.

Oh hey, it was Enzo and Tessa. Enzo played soccer (like, on the actual team), and she'd always vaguely thought of Tessa as a kindred spirit in most of the ways that mattered. Definitely not the worst people to run into - the fact that she didn't have anybody in mind as terrible to run into didn't change that. Running into a terrorist on the loose, maybe. A wild terrorist, rampaging on the Serengeti.

Mel flashed them a grin, only muted a bit from her usual.

"This is a kinda terrible hiding spot if you're playing sardines." A short pause, as she remembered the obvious. "Plus, yelling."

She jerked a finger over her non-Cameron shoulder. Might as well launch into it. "We were just on our way to raid the pub. You two don't happen to have ice, do ya?"
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