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A molotov. She could almost laugh. He would never throw it if he wanted to grab a book and besides, how would he light it? "I just want my blade back, not gonna attack you, alright?" She stepped over to the table and grabbed the handle with both hands, before tugging hard, working the blade free of the wood as she did so. "Look, some people I know are planning on ringing the bell and getting people together. I don't think that's a good idea, but that's not my call. If you want to go, then that's fine, but they're going for a group that's too big. If we stick with each other, then we have a much better chance. We can cover each other's backs, you know? Two or three people are better than one, and far better than a larger group."

As she said this, Maria wiped her sweaty left hand on her jeans, giving the kid a good view of the missing tip of her index. She returned to the blade and yanked hard, finally pulling the metal out of the wood. She looked at the two halves of the book in front of her, then turned to the kid. "So, what's your plan? Go solo? Small group? Or the guys that want to gather everyone up?" She slipped the blade into the belt loop, and stuck her hand out at the kid. It was a risk, but she really, really needed to be able to sleep well at night, and having someone covering her would be the only way she could be sure of that.

And besides, the kid looked far too weedy to take her on. She wasn't the strongest of people, but she could easily take this guy on, no problem.
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