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Mr. Danya
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Sandy flinched as Maria went for her blade, squeezing his own weapon tighter. He’d already had to dodge one CD player today, and he didn’t want to start having to dodge a sword swinging at him too. Fortunately for him, her efforts were pretty futile as the blade refused to budge. He couldn’t let out a sigh of relief, though.

He continued to eye her up from behind the safety of the bookshelf, even as she meekly greeted him. Another person he knew nothing about, another stranger who would do God knew what to him because he was so goddamn antisocial. This was what he got for spending his whole life crying in a room instead of meeting people like everyone else in school did.

There wasn't time to dwell on that though, as Maria was still across from him.

“Hey.” He finally responded after the long pause. He edged out from behind the bookshelf, ever so slightly, but he did not reveal himself fully.

Why had Maria tried to chop a table in half? Testing out her weapon? Taking out her frustrations on the innocent woodwork? Neither said “I’m not going to hurt anyone anytime soon” to Sandy, and neither gave him a good reason to let his guard down. Unfortunately, if he wanted to browse the library’s collection fully he was going to have to deal with her sooner rather than later, and the alternative of leaving without anything to take his mind off his situation was not inviting either.

“I just came in here to find something to read, alright?” he was still speaking in his terse tone from earlier, when he’d been bluntly telling Audrey to fuck off. “You don’t give me any trouble, and I’ll leave you alone to chop more tables in half.”

Not wanting to appear without backing in his reasonable request, he held his cocktail up for Maria to clearly see. “I’m not looking for a fight, so don't throw anything at me.”
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