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Lily didn’t say anything in reply to the comment on her helmet, but her eyebrows creased together and she gave Lili a look that suggested that she’d either hit her head or that Tina had started dealing on the island and Lili had bought something particularly potent.

There was an uncomfortable, tight sensation in the pit of her stomach as she thought about Tina.

Lily saw Lili looking at the blood. With a sigh, Lily shifted the mirror shard to her uninjured hand and lifted the bandaged one.

“I cut myself. You can stop...“ Lily waved her hand vaguely at Lili. “Uh, stop… that.”

She lowered the shard a little more, since Lili was clearly not attacking. She picked her map back up, from where it had slid onto the controls.

“If you knew it’d be broken, then why are you here?” Lily asked bluntly.
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