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And then again, someone was pointing a weapon at her. Maybe she should stop sneaking up on people.

Spiderland hadn't been kind to Lily, it seemed. Her dress was flecked with more blood, and as Lily gripped the mirror shard with both hands she got a better look at her wrapped up hand. Still red. Still bloody. Lili shivered.

"Well," Lili replied, "I expected as much. First they leave a helicopter on the roof of the warehouse, and then they taunt us with this? It's just too much." She caught her breath, holding her free hand to her chest. Lili tried not to stare at the crimson splatters on Lily, but no matter how she tried to look away, she found her eyes creeping back towards the dots of blood.

"You..." Lili began, then stopped. The last thing this girl probably needed to hear was another word about the blood all over her. It wasn't going to do Lili any good to bring it up. Lili was scraping the bottom of the conversation barrel. She needed something, anything to blurt out to break the silence.

"...Fuck," Lili settled on, "That's a badass helmet."
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