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First rule: don’t turn your back. And already Lily had messed it up. Just because no-one had been there when she got there didn’t mean she should turn her back to the exit.

The moment she heard that tap-tap, she dropped the map and jumped to her feet, fumbling with the mirror shard. Did she use her injured hand to hold it? That was normally her good hand, but her off-hand would be able to swing it better but—

After some fumbling, Lily held the shard with both hands. It was only then that she registered who she was staring at.

“Oh. Lili with an I,” Lily said. Her voice came out strained. She lowered the shard slightly upon seeing that Lili only had a nightstick on her. At least, as far as Lily could see. She still kept the shard close to her chest, just in case.

Lily looked around awkwardly for a moment before saying, “The controls are broken. The tower won’t work.” There was nothing else of use in the room.
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