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The situation was now Awkward.

It wasn't often that Vinny found themselves at a loss for what to say, but in this scenario, they well and truly had no idea what to say. Having explosives strapped around one's neck (and all the attendant fun and games coming with said leashbombs) was pretty much hell on small talk.

'How's the weather?'

'Oh, fine, fine. Sunny with a chance of death.'

...Enzo missed their phone.

Probably, they were best off just leaving the conversation at that. Vinny didn't know Tessa, and given the circumstances, there were more pressing concerns than just being rude. Like, sure they could stay and try and pick the brains of someone they knew virtually nothing about, or alternatively, Enzo could dedicate time to actually tracking down people they were close to- and holy shit they had actually just had that actual thought.

Well, Enzo felt like a horrible person now.

Gee, someone not being in their personal circle apparently now meant fair game to just walk off and leave them. How messed up was that? Trust aside, not being friends was no reason to abandon someone on Death Island. Hell, maybe Tessa neither wanted or needed Enzo's company, but that didn't mean they shouldn't at least ask.

Of course, just as they opened their mouth to speak again, someone called a warning from behind them. Crap. Just when they were trying to deal with one person, someone else was coming along-

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