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[Lili Williams continued from Never Known Questions]

The first thing that had caught Lili's eye on the other side of the bridge was the tower spiraling up towards the sky. It loomed over everything else on the island, stretching like the Eiffel Tower onward and upwards until it hurt Lili's neck to look any higher. She had put the white sneakers in her bag after she finished crossing over. They had probably belonged to the owner of the abandoned bag, G023. For the time being, Lili was keeping herself mentally occupied by humming more of her favorite songs as she walked. She had gotten used to her new reality as far as location went, but knowing that someone - someone that Lili could've known - had already succumbed to the sick game they were made to play? That was too much.

As far as Lili was concerned, Spiderland had yet to consume its first victim.

Lili walked through the gate to the utilities compound. Briefly, she glanced at the other two buildings inside. She thought back to her map, and realized that she must be looking at two warehouses, one for vehicles and the other for, well, whatever was worth storing. Lili made a mental note that she would pay the general warehouse a visit later for supplies. She figured that there would probably be something worthwhile inside. For the time being, Lili walked over to the radio tower and the building beside it. The tower itself had been overtaken by nature. Even if it wasn't, what would Lili do about it? She didn't intend to climb the damn thing, did she?

Instead, she turned her attention to the small building next to the tower. She thought that it must house the radio equipment inside, but she figured that anything that could be used to contact the outside world would have been cut off or disabled. They took her binders and pencils, for whatever reason, so why wouldn't they have the foresight to shut this place off, right?

Lili didn't really have any reason not to go in and check it out, so she walked over to the door and twisted the knob.

Perched on a chair at a desk full of levers and buttons was a small, impish girl. She wore an army helmet on her tiny head, stray hair spilling out the sides and back. Lili squinted at her and realized she recognized the Soldier as Lily Caldwell. Lili was roughly aware of her as her classmate who - phonetically speaking - shared the same name as her. The two had several classes together in the past, but as far as friendship went...they were on neutral terms. Lili was still yet to find somebody that she'd consider a friend. Of course, she'd take anybody who would be friendly to her at a time like this, anyone who wouldn't stick a gun in her face or demand that she trade. She feared that she was beginning to crack, despite the relative peace she had found in the past couple of hours or so.

Then, she saw the red-stained bandage on Lily's hand, and froze. That was, for certain, blood, showing through the bandages on her hand. Was it hers? Someone else's? Lili took a step back instinctively, her shoes scraping into the dirt. There was only one way to find out the truth about the red stained hand, anyway, and that was to ask. She cleared her throat.

Lili tapped her nightstick lightly, still in her hand, against the side of the door frame.

"Hey, Lily," She said, with a half-enthusiastic laugh, "It's Lili."

She couldn't think of anything else to say. Was there really anything else to say? Instead, she just looked at the floor. Her shoes. Anything but the crimson gauze tape.
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