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The boy, Keith, started freaking out. Bridgette didn’t think it was too odd; she figured that it’s just taken a while for the gravity of their situation dawned on him. She kind of envied him, actually, for forgetting their circumstances for the briefest moment. It must’ve been nice, to wake up without being aware of your impending doom.

Then Joshua started freaking out, too. The sound of his bag hitting the floor and the flurry of motion that followed startled her. She took a step back as he rushed forward. He was at Keith’s side in an instant, trying to console the boy. Even in a place like this, Joshua was a good samaritan, through and through. It was admirable.

Bridgette kept her distance, her heart pounding. There wasn’t much she could - or wanted - to do. She waited a moment before speaking.

“Wh-what’s wrong?”

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