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((Lillian ‘Lily’ Caldwell continued from Dramatica.))


Both literally and figuratively.

Lily pulled her legs up so that they were off the floor, sitting on the chair in a cross-legged position, before going back to examining the controls for the radio tower. She was only half-sure she’d seen anything at all, but she was sure she heard skittering nearby.

She hadn’t had much hope for the radio tower, but she’d feel like an idiot if she later discovered the tower had worked all along. Even though she was skeptical, her heart has sped up (and was still thumping pretty hard) at the fact that the controls had looked intact and possibly useable. But on closer inspection, bits were missing here and there. Important bits.

Could she find replacements? Unlikely. And if she could, she wouldn’t necessarily be able to fix it.

Lily smacked her non-injured hand against the controls.

Well, worth a shot. This wouldn’t be a good place to hole up, though. Anyone hoping for an escape would likely head here, like she had done on a skeptical whim.

On further consideration, looking at the map for ideas was a Catch-22. Anywhere good that the map pointed out would be seen by other students and likely to be crowded, and anywhere good that wasn’t on the map… well, Lily wouldn’t know about unless she directly stumbled on it.

She definitely couldn’t keep running around. Even just lugging her things from the staff area to here had tired her out. She pulled out her map and started examining it again, as if somehow that would provide her with answers.

She still held the mirror shard gingerly in her injured hand. She’d stopped long enough to wrap some tape around the part she was gripping, in hopes that it might stop herself from cutting her hand open again.
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