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The slighty angered Dr. Kurosawa (sounds more like the title of a badly translated anime) was using a bat as a reflex hammer and must have realised that it fucking hurt.


He hit a high note, losing his balance, letting the pain overcome his body. Darius had never been hit with a bat. He needed his fucking knee to walk, to survive. How the fuck should he escape without walking? Junko, fuck you.

Darius stumbled, gravity almost won, the pain dragging him to the ground, but Darius was not a loser, and kicked at Junko's foot with full force, resulting in both of them falling to the ground, both of them dragging the other down.

Darius wasn't the violent type of guy, but that felt satisfying. Revenge. Strength. Junko fought him. He fought back.

But: Junko fought him. Fuck.

Darius could feel less powerful bat swings hitting him. Ough. Also, fists flying. Against his chest. His beloved chest!

"Jesus Fuck!"

He breathed loudly. The water bottle did nothing, he was still exhausted. It was hard to ignore the pain in the knee, but now his body was reminding him of the hits that were making feeling well harder. As a reaction, he used his chisel to stab Junko's body with it...

It was just a chisel. You don't stab people with chisels. At most, poke them.

Fuck, fuck, fuck. Panic rushed through his body. He was done.

He could not use his weapon, he could not use his own force. He had no energy to escape. He was going to be buried in a pile of fists and bats.

Then, an idea came to save Darius' ass from getting murdered by his friend.

Using his chisel, he poked Junko's neck. No, goddammit, he did not want to poke the neck. Poke the collar, fucker. Activate it. Let it go 'boom'. Junko was threatening his life. She was going to murder him. That's enough justification for activating her collar.

He desperately looked at Junko's collar, trying to save himself. He also needed to know how these collars worked, so there's also that.
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