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The tv tropes page has a reputation on this website, whether bad or good, it is still our main mean of bringing newbies in and adverstise our writing.

On the top of head, I can bring the alignment picture of V4 that should be change to something more recent and polishing the current tropes we have, and maybe put our examples (ex. "You got to have blue hair") on the official page. Please recommend stuff to fix/change!

List of thing to be done:
- Update the picture of DnD alignment (maybe with v5/v6?)
- Polish some stuff here and there
- Maybe put our tropes on the official pages (most of them are already done but I could double check)

Also if you want to recommend tropes, I guess this is the place to do it?
Follow this format though:
<tropes name>: <characters involved/situation> with a tiny witty line like "lol she died because of chronically ill dying girl lmao" and giving a reason why it should be on the page (a good reason can be "lmao she did a Japanese suicide while being Chinese" or "it's funny".)

Please get the permission of the handler to put a maybe-derogative tropes on their characters.
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