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"I think..."

She bit her tongue. Not hard enough to draw blood but enough to shut her up. Don't say something you'll regret, she thought. She couldn't just say "well, we should all join hands and leap off a building" or something like that. No, she had to be thoughtful.

But...how the hell can you be thoughtful and caring and whatnot here? It was just a matter of time before their primal instinct kicked in. Just one misplaced word, and all of their teetering lives will go fall. She had to bring the subject up, she couldn't just forget it and procrastinate it. There was no way she could hide behind a black curtain or shove it in a box then throw it away.

It was an obvious point, one of them will flip. One of them - Asha, Wayne, Dot - will lose their final bit of sanity and they'll become a time bomb. Just waiting to explode and steal the lives of those around them while taking themselves down. It was a matter of days, hours, maybe even minutes before their group implodes.

"I think you make sense Asha, but I can't afford letting them take my life and my, uh, person? Or is it morals? I don't know, but you get it right? I'm fine with you accepting death, but, for me, I just can't. I have to believe in hope and life because if I stopped... I think I'd just shutdown"

She hoped she didn't come off as scrambled. She did that sometimes, and people had to ask her what was she talking about to understand her. She had to finish with a strong point if that was the case.

"I... I'll accept my death when I'll be dead, not before."
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