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Blair nodded cautiously. Noah seemed confident that people wouldn't be out for blood just yet. Blair was...less optimistic. She hadn't exactly followed the streams like some people (god, what sickos they had to be), but she knew that people killed every day like clockwork. Lots of people, at that. It wasn't a huge percentage of people who killed, but it was statistically significant. It'd happen again.

Still, best to keep herself positive. Giving in to despair was hardly a good strategy. "Yeah, I guess. I don't want to kill someone either." She didn't, really, but it was hard to keep from wondering; what if she had no choice? What if something forced her? Self defense, sure, but...

What if she liked it?

A stupid thought. She had basically killed Jennifer. And she was not happy about that. The thought made her nauseous again, so she leaned against the wall.

Sandra returned, and Noah wanted a direction. "I know one thing, I'm not going back to that bridge." Blair shrugged. "Otherwise, I could care less."
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