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MK Kilmarnock
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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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It was all practically simultaneous: Brendan entering through the front door, the other presence speaking up (turns out she was a girl), Jerry screaming, Brendan entering further, a bunch of 'chill outs' and 'I'm not gonna hurt you.'

Well, no shit. Nobody was hurting Jerry Fury. Not Jerry motherfuckin' Fury, not while HE had the knife and everybody else had... who knows, cardboard cutouts of Dame Maggie Smith or Chinese yo-yos or something totally lame like that. He was in control! He had the power, damn it!

Buuuuuut just to be on the safe side, let's go ahead and back up the first couple stairs to eliminate the angle that somebody could attack from. As long as there wasn't anybody upstairs, he'd be fine. If there WAS still somebody upstairs... Jerry shivered just thinking about that, suddenly wishing knives would grow out of his shoulder blades.

"Coooool, cool, just some people. Right. Brendan and good ol' what's-her-face," Jerry rambled, not having gotten visual of the other girl yet. Turns out when you go to school with a bunch of different teenage kids, they're all REALLY hard to identify on voice alone. Certain people like Trav or Noodle, he'd pick them out right away. 'Specially Trav, that cocky bastard. Brendan Harte, on the other hand, didn't have the most distinctive voice in the world. Cochise wasn't full of Frank Sinatras and Louis Armstrongs and Carol Channings.

"I'm not nervous! You're nervous!" Jerry insisted, still holding up the knife. "Hey, uh, Ben on his way? You know, Ben Fields?" Come to think of it, where the hell WAS Ben? He and Jerry were supposed to be traveling the island, preventing conflict. Yeah. Ben was REALLY dropping the ball on this one. "We're, uh, working together."
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