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"Oh... oh good." Bart managed to speak once his terror had partially subsided. He stepped into the room and looked around in hopes of finding a place to sit and calm down. However, a quick scan of the room revealed that most of the things that had once been meant for sitting upon had been either destroyed or left in a state that Bart honestly did not trust to hold for more than a few moments without breaking. Upon this discovery, he stepped to the nearest wall and leaned against it.

The two of them wren't the only ones in the room. Kiziah had made her presence known to the room, which admittedly made Bart feel a little bit better. She had always been nice as far as he could remember, and she didn't sound too aggressive when she had spoken up a moment ago. Considering how unwelcoming the rest of his experience had been thus far, even the slightest sense of familiarity was a comfort for him.

Bart sighed and slid slowly down the wall as he assumed a seated position on the floor. He was still trying to process everything that was going on. He had to accept the fact that he would probably be dead in a week, probably far less than that. It was a hard idea for anyone to grasp, let alone a terrified teenager. It was all just a big, anxiety-inducing source of despair lodged in his mind.

"I just..." Bart said with his throat catching as though he were about to cry again. "I just can't believe this is happening."
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