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(minor GMing of Lili agreeing to trade has been agreed upon)


This bitch.

"...I don't have a gun but you don't have a clue what I do have, short stuff. You wanna find out? You wanna see how we can trade?"

She looked over at Lili.

"Third of a loaf. Final offer, and I'll even let you rip it so you know I don't cheat you."

And Lili agreed.

"Boom. Trade."

That was how it was done. That was how you built it up. And this runt with a Jersey accent -- her name was Scout something Kaitlyn remembered and that was a retarded name -- comes by and says you can't do that? What a failure in life she was.

She zipped open her bag and grabbed a loaf of bread, tossing it to Lily.

Because even though Kaitlyn wasn't some kind of prepper like her dad, even though she would admit she could be total disorganization fifty car pileup at times, Kaitlyn was still one thing -- Kaitlyn was many things actually, and this wasn't even one of the most prominent of them -- but Kaitlyn packed shit. Kaitlyn was ready.

Kaitlyn had beef jerky. And it would be delicious.

Kaitlyn had a badass windbreaker. Bet all you others would be wanting that at night, huh? Well, it'll cost you. Hypothetically speaking.

Katilyn had deodorant. Because she sweated. She knew that. She'd be fresh as a daisy a week from now.

Kaitlyn was already picking up shields. Look, she was picking it up now. It wasn't even that heavy, really.

Kaitlyn was loaded for bear.

And Kaitlyn was gonna get more. Not right now, probably. But maybe. Who knew what this girl would do?

Only one way to find out.

"So either join Alan's badass rebel group, or piss off, or tell me what you've got, or maybe trade your weapon for my foot up your ass."

Note that Kaitlyn sure hadn't said she was going to join yet. To be honest, she had absolutely no clue what answer she'd give.

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