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Rocks, rocks and more rocks. Back there, were those - yup, more rocks. Some bushes here and there. Lovely.

Yeah, Monolith Gardens weren't exactly high up on her list of favorite hiking locations, she much preferred Hualapai Mountain Park, always had. More diversity in the landscape. Had been and still was the only thing she'd never agree with Keith on: He had loved Monolith for some reason, always tried to explain to her why it was the best place in all of damn Arizona to leave all one's cares behind. And now he had no more cares to leave behind. Fuck, she'd get fucking sentimental again, not now, not in front of Cris. Had to keep those goddamn waterworks in check.

She took her eyes off the horizon and turned her head towards Crisanto, who was walking next to her. He had been totally silent for a while now - yeah, no big news there, he never really was big on conversation - but right now, it felt like she was on a hike with goddamn Kimiko. What, had he swallowed his tongue or something? Nah, hadn't been that long, maybe ten seconds or so. She was probably only still pissed at him for suggesting this dump of all places. Couldn't blame the knucklehead for not knowing she didn't really dig the place, but she could blame him for having piss poor taste.

Eh, didn't matter. Whatever nice view this place lacked, he made more than up for. She still found it hard to take her eyes off him, especially now when he was all stubbly like that - shit, had to stop staring, or this would get awkward eventually. Maybe at least say something, make it less obvious. Yeah, he wouldn't mind her ogling him like this, but still.

"Hey, you gonna talk to me or what? If I had wanted to walk around in total silence, I'd have gone by myself." Bit too bitchy there, he'd think she was even more pissed than she really was. To kill that impression right away, Jane stretched out her hand and playfully poked his chest with her index finger, all while giving him a challenging look.
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