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And it wasn't that Olivia wanted to stay angry, it was just that one second Hannah was shouting and Olivia was shouting, and the next second, Irene comes in and compliments her cursing, and all of a sudden, everything feels better. And now she can pretend that there's no cameras to watch them eat and swear and kill, now she can pretend that she's back in high school and Irene, this person that was no awkward beginning, no unknown variable, just Irene, she's just coming back from skateboarding or jogging or whatever, it sure looked like it from the sweat on her face, but she had just shouted at Hannah and she was still coming off that anger high, that catharsis she would regret in about a minute, but Irene was here, and she was still Irene, and maybe Hannah was just panicking for a bit, but now she was back to normal Hannah, like that, like a switch flipped, and maybe Olivia could manage that too.

And maybe she could calm down. Maybe she could calm down, because everything would be alright. For a second or a minute or an hour, everything would be just fine.

So, she inhaled. Smiled a bright smile, a symmetrical uneven smile. Took in this moment, this happy moment, this normal moment. Did this all in less than a second so people wouldn't ask her if she's still there. And then she said, "Irene!" Awkward giggle, scratched the back of her head. Face blushed. "Thanks, I guess? Sorry, I just, I was just panicking."

And right, she just cursed at Hannah, told her to shut up. She should probably get to that. Didn't look good. Mother always reminded her of manners. And she didn't need enemies, didn't want enemies, didn't want any bad blood. Couldn't stand it. So, she looked at Hannah. "Look, I'm really sorry about that. I just woke up and I, I was stressed, I'm sure 90% of the island is. It was uncalled for." And then she hoped for the best.
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