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Maria sat down on the table next to her blade, and looked up, straight into the eyes of a kid peering around the corner. She immediatley jumped up, one hand on the blade, and tugged at it in an attempt to get it out of the thick wood that the table was made out of, but to no avail.

Upon realising that her designated weapon was useless for now, Maria backed off from the kid. She didn't recognise his face, didn't know what weapon he could have on him, and that made her nervous. If he had a gun this could be over in seconds, but otherwise she might make it out. Assuming of course that the kid was looking for a fight, which judging by the fact he was in a library, probably wasn't the case.

Calming down her paranoid mind, she straightened up and looked at what she could see. Blonde hair, glasses, not a whisker of stubble and face shape that could almost be from the Med if you squinted. She helf up a hand half-heartedly, and managed to say hey, trying to prevent her from sounding as terrified as she was actually.
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