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To Audrey’s question, Danny shrugged and made a noise that sounded a little like ‘I don’t know’ except high-pitched and like it’d been put through a blender. Alvaro could be anywhere between ‘just a little bruised’ and ‘lots of fatal internal bleeding.’ Danny wouldn’t know the difference.

Although, he was reasonably sure that Alvaro should have his own supplies, and that Audrey didn’t need to give him hers. Nice of her and all, but wouldn’t she need those? Unless any wounds killed her before she could—aaaand cutting that chain of thought off. Nope.

Alvaro explained what had happened. Ohhh, Min-Jae. Yeah, Danny could totally see Min-Jae deciding to punch someone so fast. Guy was kind of a dick. Angry, sometimes. There were worse people, but Danny wouldn’t have been going in for a hug with that guy any time soon.

“Yeah. That’s rough.”

Danny eyed Alvaro’s bruises warily. Maybe he should avoid Min-Jae if he sees him. Then again, Min-Jae was like a skinny goth dude, how tough could he be? Danny could just football tackle him and be like ‘you need to chill and stop punching waiters.’

“Uh, but you got away from him, yeah? He’s not following you?” A horrible thought occurred to Danny, that maybe Alvaro had ended the threat in a super permanent way. Self-defence and all that, sure, but… “He’s still alive, yeah?” As he said that, his grip tightened a little on his CD player.
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