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Brendan let out a startled gasp as he heard the screaming and he jumped back a little. His heart was beating like crazy and he needed a few seconds to calm himself down. He didn't suspect that someone would yell the instant he opened the door. Well, at least he wasn't getting shot or stabbed right away. It was a dark thought. But being screamed at sounded much better. He took a few breaths and he felt himself relaxing a little. How should he approach this? Maybe he could just say who he was. He needed to see who it was as well. He didn't get a chance to see who it was yet.

Brendan pushed the door open more fully this time and he was raised his hands up. To show that he didn't want to cause any harm. He wasn't going to be the one to randomly attack someone out of nowhere. He stared at the boy and he actually recognized him. Kind of. Jerry Fury. They weren't friends really. But Brendan was fine with that. Until he saw the knife and started to panic on the inside. He wasn't going to run away this time.

"H-Hey, I'm not going to um.... hurt you. Okay? It's Brendan. Brendan Harte." His words were coming out in a nervous, shaky tone and he kept his eyes fixed on Jerry and the knife. "I didn't-"

Brendan was suddenly shut up by another voice. A girl's voice. Someone else was in here? Brendan felt himself tense up. But he didn't move from where he was in the doorway. He didn't want Jerry to suddenly hurt him. Brendan waited for Jerry to say something. It was all that he could do at the moment. Brendan still needed a better weapon but he was going to wait until this situation was defused. Without the need of violence.
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