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As she mapped out a route to the depot, she could hear Al walk in and sit down in one of the other chairs. She briefly looked over at him to see what he was doing, he was playing with a rubix cube. She didn't mind whatever he did so long it kept him from breaking down. Then he asked if she knew were to go, not taking his eyes off the cube.

"There's a bridge not far from here, if we follow the path and cross it we'll be just about there, just a tiny walk left at that point." She turned the map around and traced her finger along the path to show him. As long as no one has bombed the bridge like an idiot, they would get there in half an hour or so.

There was one more thing that needed to be said. "When we get there, you have to be ready." She pointed towards his weapon, their sole defense. "We're likely to meet others there, there's no guarantee they're gonna be friendly." It was a grim thought, but a necessary one. There are always going to be people who kill, this has been happening for years and there were always stories of good kids turning into monsters during it. Better safe than sorry.

Even so there was one thing she wasn't sure how she would react, it was the thought of one of her friends doing so that made it feel like a knot was being tied up inside her. She tried to shake that thought away, there was no way they were gonna do that, Alice was a shy pacifist, Abby wouldn't hurt a fly and Jeremy was... Jeremy, she couldn't picture him killing people, but the thought still lingered in the back of her head, festering.
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