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People. More. Around him. Audrey came closer. Danny came closer as well. Sandy didn’t, moving past Alvaro outside of sight. Alvaro didn’t mind that, not too much. At least he wasn’t one of the people crowding around him because even though he knew that they were only trying to help him they were close and it was scary and as much as he wanted a bit of space he didn’t want to say it out loud because he knew that they would hear and they were trying to help him and he appreciated that. It was just that they were close. A little too close. The only other time someone had gotten that close to him was Min-Jae when he was sending the bar down on Alvaro and he knew that they were friendly but he just couldn’t shake the feeling off and it felt like the worst thing in the world.

And they were speaking to him, too. The voices were blending in his head, individual words and messages not making it into his mind but the idea of both made it into his head. Someone had hurt him. Who was it? The answer to that question was Min-Jae, but-

Oh god.

He had started that fight. It was his fault. He had attacked Min-Jae and if they knew that they wouldn’t help him. He knew they wouldn’t. He figured that they were doing this out of sympathy for him and if they knew that he wasn’t innocent then that sympathy would be gone. So he needed to lie. Just… say something that would keep their sympathy. He didn’t want to do it and he didn’t want to lie to these people but he needed it. He couldn’t treat the wounds he had, but they were willing to. He just needed to say something but it needed to be a lie and he needed someone to treat him and he needed to just do something.

He needed to breathe. In, out, then:

“It was Min-Jae. He hit me.”
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