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The words had felt a little odd as they came out of his mouth.

He wasn’t quite sure why. Well, he wasn’t going to say no to that previous statement but it wasn’t something he could really say yes to either. He had an idea. Theory, whatever the right word for the situation was, that was what Jeremy was talking about. The reason that the words weren’t feeling right was because they weren’t really ones that Jeremy would say. He’d probably felt like he had to say something to announce his also being in the tower but he didn’t really know what the right words to say were, or rather that he had said the words but they didn’t really have the right feel to them. The Jeremy Frasier flavour that everyone knew and everyone loved. Yeah, that was probably at least a bit of it. Even though he didn’t have a full reason as to why it was happening to him it was still a good start. Good enough as to possibly work on improving himself through the current rut he seemed to be in.

Well, actually, there was another no. There was a reason why. He was on a bell tower on an island and he had just learned that he was going to have to kill people he knew if he wanted to get off and he had also figured out that he was probably going to die here and that everything he knew was different and that everything he had worked and hoped for was for nothing. There was bound to be a little jet lag from that. It was only natural.


Nah. That wasn’t it. To be honest it probably was the reason but Jeremy didn’t really want to name it so. It was too simple. An easy truth, as Persona 4 would probably say. It was entirely possible that the issue was something more than this, and if Jeremy cared enough to want to fix this problem in the future he had to keep his options open on this. For improvement’s sake. However much that counted at this point, anyway.

But okay. Back to the real world. Clarice had just come up the stairs, asking who rang the bell. That was him, and she had just ruined the thing he was going to say. Oh well, maybe he could still work with it a bit. He raised his hand at Clarice’s question, moving it into a slight wave.

“Hey, Clarice.”

Okay, so would saying something that he’d normally say help with his current problem? Hmm. Couldn’t think up of an answer to that question. Best to test it out. See where that went and work out things accordingly. An age old greeting would work for this. Maybe. Again, worth a shot at least.

“Do you still hear the lambs screaming?”

Yeah that probably wasn’t the right thing to say.
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