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And it did work, it seemed. Toby had responded to her, and she apparently seemed to be okay. A little annoyed, if the tone of her voice was of any indication, but that was something that Jasmine didn’t really mind working with. At the very least not too much. Not right now. It would probably serve to be an annoyance if this was what everyone greeted her with, but right now? This was okay.

...Apparently not, though, if the next thing Toby said indicated her thoughts. Ouch. That was probably something she’d reel back against if she was at school. This wasn’t school and this was someone who she wanted to try and impress, so she couldn’t. Oh well, it wasn’t really a big deal. She’d just figure out something else to say. Something good so that they could mend this seeming rift between the two of them and so that they could talk and potentially start working together. Yes, that’d be good. She’d like that. Maybe Toby would, too. All Jasmine needed to do was to just step back a little bit and try to calm her down. That wasn’t too hard.

But there was something. Something in the back of her mind. The words, the tone of what Toby had said had lodged into the back of her mind and it wasn’t budging when Jasmine tried to shake it. Toby didn’t seem to appreciate Jasmine’s presence. That was going to be a problem. Except it wasn’t actually but it honestly was and she couldn’t tell and she didn’t know what to say. She knew how simple it was and she knew what she needed to say to do it but now every single sentence just didn’t seem to work. 'Sorry, I just heard you and wasn’t sure what was happening.' Wouldn’t work. 'I heard you and wanted to see if you were okay.' No, that wouldn’t work either, and really she just needed to say something at this point but it was just that nothing was popping up and honestly she just needed to do something so that this could just get off of her mind.

She stepped back.

“Sorry… um… I just wanted to know if you were okay.”
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