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MK Kilmarnock
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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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((Coleen Reagan continued from Dramatica))

She hated how she felt.

Something had driven her from the library. A cocktail of anxieties forced itself down its throat, and now it was leaving a bitter aftertaste, yet Coleen could find no other way to move but forward. She told herself repeatedly, she reasoned with herself that leaving the library and those two girls behind was the right thing to do. Jasmine and Lily were nice girls. Everybody was nice. Everybody in Cochise was a good kid, no matter the kind of reputation they had. Nonetheless, Coleen found she wanted no contact with them.

She kept moving, picking a direction and sticking with it once she made her way out of that musty old hall. It didn't take long for her to reach the ocean. She smelled and heard it before she saw it. The air felt cold, a little wet, and quite blustery. Ocean air wasn't the greatest for sensitive skin, and Coleen's face had plenty of sensitive areas to be wary of. The girl pushed her her as far she could over her bad side and walked along the shore. The wind blew wayward blonde strands across her face, tickling her nose and lips and causing her to press a sleeve against her upper lip to protect herself.

By constantly moving around this island, she was bound to run into somebody. It was definitely more likely, at least, than it would have been by staying cooped up in one location forever. At least this way, she could find exits in more than one direction. These thoughts were consumed by countering doubts, ones that assured her that by moving around, she was leaving herself in the open for attack.

But would people attack her? Should she avoid everybody, or look for strength in numbers? There was no telling what was the smartest thing to do, no surefire way to survive. Nothing in the world could have prepared her, or any of her classmates for that matter, to take everybody's lives into their own hands.

Play the game, a voice told her. Avoid everybody, said another. Live, said one, while another demanded that she just kill herself and be done with it. Find a high place and jump off. Take off your clothes, jump in the ocean and just start swimming. It'll all be over in a few minutes. Any high school knew that teenagers were at risk to commit suicide. Coleen knew that, too. She never dreamed it could be her. She couldn't get into the mindset of somebody pushed so far that death was somehow preferable to living. She glanced pensively at the ocean to her side and considered her options.

She chose to keep walking, at least for now.
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