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Ha. Wayne had the right idea. The point was probably for them to not be like every other group of murderous assholes with a bone to pick, though. That'd be too pedestrian, especially when you could convince your victims to do half the work for you. Fucking hipster terrorists. It was fine that Wayne needed time to try and cope, Asha could hardly expect anyone without her own particular brand of morbidity to completely embrace nihilism only a couple hours after washing up on the shores of a nightmare.

Unfortunately, Dorothy seemed actively resistant to the idea. Asha couldn't blame her, and she definitely didn't want to try and force her to agree. Free will was what made people, well, people, for better or worse. Hopefully better. Even if people weren't fundamentally good, Asha was sure they fundamentally wanted to be. Still, though; they may never have another chance to talk. The creeping horrors of the early morning could swallow them up at any moment, and Asha wanted to at least voice her thoughts while it was still safe.

Asha got up and stood, shifting her position so she was facing both Wayne and Dorothy. She'd have to watch her words this time, avoid mentioning the swarming insects and squirming maggots that'll make their cooling corpses their homes after the end, if the terrorists didn't just burn them all until there was nothing but bones and ashes left. That's probably what would happen, Asha figured they'd want to save money instead of hiring a terror-janitor.

"Hey, Dot. You too, Wayne. Just hear me out for a minute, yeah?" Asha said, looking Dorothy in the eyes. She wasn't sure if a smile would make her upcoming speech more or less unnerving, so she went with the option that at least made her look happy. "You know how they're planning on making us do... well, all the bad shit, right?" The hacking and slashing and maiming, not to mention piercing and bludgeoning. Must be at least fifty ways to murder your friends.

"They're counting on making us desperate, by dangling just a bit of hope in front of us so we'll happily run on the murder treadmill. But what's the point of it all, really? Do any of us honestly expect to beat the, what is it, hundred-something-to-one odds of making it out alive? Do you really want to spend your last waking moments on this fuckin' beautiful planet wondering whether or not your best friend is gonna try and kill you for a bottle of water? That's bullshit, all of it." Asha grew more and more passionate as she talked, smile now almost completely genuine.

"I don't wanna live for an extra day or two if it means I can't smell the roses, or stop to make terrible puns with you guys, y'know?" Asha said, switching her focus away from her companions in order to get back to leaning against the fence and staring wistfully at the horizon. For effect. "Don't worry, I'm not trying to start like, a death cult or anything," she laughed. Asha couldn't deny she looked the part. "I just want to give people the chance to be happy in what's pretty much the worst possible situation. If you're not down, if you think I'm crazy, that's cool; I get it."

That basically summed it up. Time to see how the others took it.
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