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Wow. He really was nervous, wasn’t he? Bart just recited, step-by-step, everything that he’d experienced thus far. So he’d woken up in the cafeteria, then made his way here? It didn’t seem like he’d encountered anyone else, though.

“I’ve been in here since I woke up,” Jennifer said, looking off to the other side, then back. “You’re the first person I’ve seen thus far.”

Was she still mad as hell? Of course. But she still calmed down, at least to talk to him. Bart, as far as she could tell, was harmless. The part where he went into detail about what he’d been doing without prompting was a little weird, of course. It seemed more like fear if anything, though. Like he was so terrified, he overshared information just to be sure she wasn’t going to do anything. That could be a sign of lying, of course. It often was. But he was tripping over his words and sniffling.

Her fingers tightened on the door frame as she heard a new voice. She turned her head, and saw Kiziah. Kiziah was a kind, intelligent woman, if a little… impressionable. Hopefully she wasn’t impressionable enough to believe that she had to kill everyone here. But she seemed normal. Scared, but normal.

Jennifer let out a breath. She doubted Kiziah and Bart would be the type, but it was still messed up how she had to worry anyways.

“I don’t mind you two sticking around,” she said. “Just as long as you won’t… you know.”

She tried to smile, to make herself friendly. The red lipstick she usually wore had faded into an uneven stain. But even then, she still tried.

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