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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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Scout stopped dead in her tracks. She looked at the older girl, Kaitlyn.


Scout scanned the others with a hard squint. They were trading with each other? She sneered.

"What the fuck is there to trade? Don't we have -"

Her gaze turned. The boy, Alan, started squakin' about a team up. Some rebel bullshit, Scout nearly snorted at the name he used. She was tempted to outline why a "badass rebel alliance' wasn't going to work and how pushing the issue was going to get him killed. But, honestly, she already gave someone the exact same advice. Also, Alan actually sounded cheerful. Rubbed her the wrong way.

So she kept it brief.

"You're an idiot."

She turned back to Kaitlyn.

"We all have basically the same shit, yeah? The goons went through our bags and took anything we could use to get a leg up."

Scout rolled her shoulders. On closer inspection, the ginger was only using her right arm. Her bag was slung over her right shoulder. Scout's left sleeve was tied to her right, giving the impression she was using both arms. Strange. Very strange.

"So unless you have a gun, and I know you don't have one, you ain't got shit, far as I'm concerned."

Scout Pfeiffer was not known for her tactfulness.

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