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((Sandy Bricks continued from Hideaway))

The silence was really starting to get to him.

Of course there were ambient noises: the creaking of the old building or some faint (imagined?) footsteps from down the hall, but for the most part Sandy was managing to avoid people as he made his way around the place. It was quiet. Too quiet.

When Sandy didn’t have anything to distract him, be it a picture to paint or music to listen to, he was alone with his thoughts. On a good day that wasn’t an issue, but on the bad days it could get overwhelming quickly, and naturally this was a bad day.

Fuck Audrey, and fuck Danny. He hadn’t wanted their company; they had been the ones imposing themselves on him. He’d been reasonable in asking them to leave, but they just spat in his face and made the closet theirs. They probably made fun of him after he’d gone as well, laughing it right up. Maybe Alvaro had gotten in on it too, regardless of how battered he might’ve looked when Sandy had brushed past him. He'd probably picked himself right up and joined the other two in having a right laugh at Sandy's expense.

Sandy wasn’t a bad guy for wanting to be left alone, not when he was just trying to get his thoughts together. It wasn’t antisocial, or cowardly, or him being a loser. He was in a life or death situation, how was he supposed to be diplomatic and friendly at a time like this?

Other people could probably pull it off though, show some civility and make friendships that would keep them alive and happy. Even if they couldn’t, they’d probably be coming along to murder him soon anyway, and then he'd die. Why should he be able to survive? He never did any sports or exercise, he didn’t have any people skills, and he’d probably just get his ass handed to him the second he tried to defend himself. In short, he was pathetic, and thinking any different would just highlight how pathetic he was.

He pressed his fingertips to his orbital bones, shaking his head to distract himself from the draining mindset. He really needed a something to occupy himself.

When he saw the door labelled ‘library’, a small glimmer of optimism formed in the bog of his mind. He loved reading, and books were indeed a good distraction. Infinitely better with a soundtrack, but he’d take what he could get.

He opened the door without too much caution, though slowly all the same, and looked around the room as he walked inside. It was a very bright room for one inside such a dingy building, and the musty interior was like something out of an old photo. He wished he had his camera with him to capture how it looked.

As focused on the aesthetics as he was, if Maria hadn’t made the overt noise of slicing a book in half Sandy could’ve very well walked right into her. Fortunately for him, he was alerted to her presence when there was still a shelf between them, the slicing blade snapping him to his senses.

He cursed to himself. He wasn’t ready to deal with people again, not by a long shot, but he really wanted the books. He couldn’t go back outside again, face being alone with his thoughts, so he decided to peer around the corner of the shelf and see who he could see. He was still holding the neck of his Molotov cocktail, never really having let go of it since he left the storage closet.

A lump was forming in his throat.
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