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Jonathan smiled. The group was in motion, and for the most part, this was it. It really was the only option, either that or giving up. Wait, why did he say giving up was an option? It wasn't. They would go to the bell tower, and then they would get off of this island. One way, or another, Jonathan had no idea what to expect.

He could only hope everything went alright.

And if it doesn't? He'd have to think of something different. He'd need help. And he'd need the right supplies...

Except Jonathan didn't really have a plan. He had no idea what to do, no idea how to think of what to do, no clue on it all... He drowned it out. He would figure it out as he went along. He couldn't give up. Not now, not when he just started.

Not ever.

((Jonathan Gulley continued elsewhere))
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