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She had taken out the glass shard as soon as the door had announced her presence. It was a defence in case her loud arrival had caused someone to attack her. Instead what she got were two voices she half-recognised. Abby and Cristóbal weren't bad people. If Kimiko was ranking people based on their potential for good or evil they'd both lean to the good side. That was in their world back at school however, now there was a lot more she needed to consider.

Being asked to identify herself by voice was a cruel irony. There was no way she could carry out the request. Instead she had to find some way to communicate that she didn't mean harm without using any words and in the dark. That was a big ask.

What made things worse was she had no idea what she wanted to say. Her plan had been to go in, get supplies and leave. That wasn't going to happen. Not when she was sharing the warehouse with two people who potentially considered her a threat and when you took the whole conceit of the game into account things added up to be problematic if she didn't give a satisfactory answer. Which led her back to the original problem; that she couldn't fulfill the request to speak.

Kimiko stowed the glass shard in her pocket. She didn't think having a visible weapon was a good idea. Onto the problem of announcing her presence; she had a flashlight. That was the only thing she could thing of that would be helpful. She took her bag off her shoulder while at the same time lightly tapping on a shelf with the knuckles of her free hand. She thought maybe sound that was coming from a consistent position would at least let them know she wasn't trying to creep up on them.

Eventually she fished the flashlight out of her bag and turned it on, making it sure it wasn't pointing at Abby and Cristóbal, she then slowly turned it over to her own face making sure it was held out to the side. There was no way not to light herself eerily but she could try. The she slowly placed the flashlight on the shelf next to her, making sure it pointed towards Abby and Cristóbal.

During all of this her free hand had gone back to the glass shard, holding it within her pocket.

She waited for their reaction.
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