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Dorothy let a nervous giggle out of a throat then proceeded to repress it. She wanted to add something about their bus crashing into a building or something when Asha's struck her.

Was Asha losing it? Dorothy never heard her say something like that. Maybe she said that kind of stuff on a regular basis when Dot wasn't around but it sounded like Asha was joking, Dot decided to believe it wasn't a big deal. If it was a big deal, then Asha was either losing it or taking the situation really, really nicely. In both cases, Dorothy wanted to stay with her. Friends don't let other friends go insane on murder island, and maybe Asha will help her out too.

She had to keep an eye on her, but she knew she could trust her.

Unlike Wayne. He was playing into Asha's game. Well, kinda. Other than that, she knew nothing about him other than his whole fidgetiness and nervousness. It was normal to be like that. Heck, even Dorothy wanted to stress eat the fear away and she was scared of every noises. Something about him was off, though. Chances are, he was thinking the same about the girls, especially Asha with her whole nihilistic view on the game and maybe even Dorothy with her random giggling. At this point, it was too early to decide if Wayne was a foe and he was a good guy.

He was someone else she had to keep her eye on.

After listening to their exchange, she realized it was her turn to speak. So she decide to investigate the idea of-

"Accepting death, uh?"

It was supposed to be a thought, but she blurt that out like an idiot. Whoops, that slipped out of her mouth like a bug inside a shoe. Well, looked like she had to finish the sentence,

"I... I'd rather not. I mean, yeah I'm probably going to die, but... I don't know. I just don't want to."
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