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"Exactly," Lili said, nodding her head at Asuka's response, "I've never really had anything close to a heart-to-heart with anybody from school, and it's been, like, years since I felt really attached to what I'm supposed to study." Lili and Asuka made their way to the front of the room, getting closer and closer to the stage. The lights in the room began to fade slowly, turning more bluish in color. The noise of the other voices in the room rose with excitement, then gently began to lower. Lili's heartbeat got louder and softer with the room. For the first time that wasn't when she was flying a kite, she felt truly in sync with her surroundings. Eventually, the pair made it to the barrier to the left center of the room.

"Oh my god, look!" Lili blurted out, happiness spreading across her face, "From here, we have a perfect view of, like, the whole stage!" She turned back to Asuka, still smiling. "These guys, here, they don't give two fucks about what society expects from musicians and music as a whole. They're really following their passion, their dreams, and I think that's really admirable even if you don't end up liking the music." Asuka had pulled her hood down earlier, making her look a bit less anxious and also slightly more natural. Lili hoped that she wasn't making another wrong move here by fawning too much, but she couldn't handle her excitement very much.

By now, the house lights had gone down completely. Only the stage lights lit up the room, and even they were rather dim. What little light there was glinted off of the instruments on stage, illuminating each and every detail. Outside, the rain came down in buckets without any signs of stopping. The crowd of fans in the room had gotten quieter, anticipating the band to walk on stage at any moment. Lili continued to speak, but in a light whisper, ready to drop what she was saying and pay attention to the stage at any moment.

"Did you have any plans after the concert?" She asked, "We could walk somewhere else and keep talking, seeing as we won't really have a chance to do that during the concert." Lili leaned up against the barrier, her body pointed towards the stage, her head looking at Asuka, and her mind in fifty places at once. Earlier in the night, she was excited on a purely theoretical level, speculating about how this concert experience might be the event that divides her life into "Before" and "After". Now, she knew that she'd definitely be walking away from the House of Sound with something special, whether it was the concert experience, her new friend, or both.

"I feel like these guys really get what we're going through," Lili added, "On some unspoken level. You'll see what I mean, I hope."
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