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((Serena Waters continued from She Swallowed Burning Coals))

Looking around the building confirmed Serena's suspicions, they were at the asylum's library rather than the library near the depot, which meant they would have to cross the bridge to get there. She felt a sense of dread about it, a small part of her had hopes that this would just be close to it and they wouldn't have to worry about traveling outside and potentially getting attacked, but she would have to put aside any fear of that if she was to get there with Al.

Wandering the asylum was uneventful outside of talking with Al. Finally they reached a room that had seen some action in it. One of the chairs were broken and a foul smell emanated in the room. Something bad had happened here. Al walked in first with his weapon out and asked what the room could be. With how the chairs were setup along with the sofa and TV, Serena had a pretty good idea.

"Looks like a lounge." She walked into the room and sat down on one of the chairs and looked over her map, trying her best to ignore the smell. If they were gonna travel safely, she would have to plan out a good route there.


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