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This was the library of an insane asylum.

That was a kind of weird thing to wrap your mind around, but it was a nice library. Maria sat on one of the tables, end of her shirt in hand, and was wiping off the grease and dust that had already accumalated on the blade. It was relativley clean, but she if she couldn't keep herself clean, then her blade would be clean. A slice of bread was sitting next to her, on top of a copy of The Man in the Iron Mask, and next to a half-finished bottle of water. Maybe she was burning though her supplies, but if she was at top condition all the time, then her chances of survival were far higher than if she only ate when she was starving to conserve food.

She had pulled out a book from the romance section, and it was lying on the floor for her to tear a page out. She helf it up with one hand, then carefully moved the blade at a positivley glacial pace. The blade sheered through the page without an inch of deviation or resistance, and she let out a slight whistle. If that had been muscle rather than paper... This was a surpsingly good weapon she'd managed to get. A gun would have been preferable as always but...

Jesus, how was she being so blase about this? She was litterally staring death in the face, and instead of crying or panicking or really doing anything one would expect, she was calmly cleaning the blade to stab death in the face. Was this normal? Did actual people do this? Were any others of her classmates settling down and getting ready for the storm that would no doubt arrive? Or was she being the crazy preparer of the bunch?

She picked up the book and set it standing up on the table where she had been sitting, before bringing the sword down again.

She was going to win this fucking thing, no matter how much she hated the idea of having to kill someone. She was going to win, she was going to go home, and she wasn't going to end up dead like the poor sod who had won a few seasons ago.
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You don't win the game of death by dying first. The name's a little misleading.

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