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Irene was here. Irene, her crazy, over-the-top quite possibly undiagnosed ADD sporty-gamer friend with more quirks than... a very quirky thing was here, and suddenly Hannah didn't quite care enough about Olivia telling her to shut up to actually retort. She grinned from ear-to-ear and stepped in for a hug, only realisng her shotgun when she pressed up against it. "Oh shit, since when did you get that Johnny Three?" She giggled a bit, then pulled her in for a hug proper, glad to see a friend.

Irene was possibly one of Hannah's oldest friends. No scratch that, was her oldest friend. The two had met when Irene's father had invited a fellow floor manager in a casino to dinner, and not being able to secure a babysitter, Hannah had been taken along. It hadn't taken long for Irene to poke her head into the meeting, and the two had started a lifelong friendship there. When her parents had mooved to Kingsman, it was Irene's circle of friends that had been the most accepting people of her in the otherwise unknown city, and Irene had defended her after she had come out as openly Lesbian.

So, although Irene had been standing in the designated akwardness area^TM, fuck that noise and give me a hug sister, thought Hannah, because we sure as hell ain't gonna get many chances like this thanks to the bullshit we've found herself in. "I geuss it's slightly too late to get that hair dyed now?"
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