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Rea had kissed him. That was good. The entire situation in which they found themselves in was not good, and he had just heard a rustling noise from next door. He gently pushed Rea away, put a finger to his lips, and took her revolver out of the bag. He looked straight down the barrel to see it it was loaded, a very stupid idea, but until he figured out how it worked, the best he had, and was relieved to see that it was. He slowly stood up, wiping the tears off of his face with his right hand, before switching the gun over. The door swung open, and he siltently padded out, indicating that Rea should stay where she was. If the other pereson wasn't friendly, then he could probably take him or her. She couldn't.

He flattened his back against the wall next to the door, and pressed the revolver's barrel against the wooden partition that seperated the two. "Hey, you alright in there?" It was about as stupid as a question could get, but it was the only thing he had in the circumstances. If they were someone he knew, Ben maybe, then they could have a group that haad a chance. Sure, the likelyhood was that any group would eventually be picked off, he remembered an article in a newpaper when he was younger talking about how there was this semi-famous ice skater who had gained a slowly-picked off entourage, but that group was big. Two or three people was perfect. Enough to spot and cover for eachother, not enough to cause infighting and be blatantly obvious whilst moving.
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